About Manns Wines

Making "Japan Wine" with Japanese grapes

"Japan Wine" is attracting increasing international attention today. Manns Wines has vineyards and wineries in Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures. Komoro Winery boasts a beautiful Japanese-style garden, just like one of the wineries in Western Europe with a chateau surrounded by a garden in the middle of their vineyard. Rooted in the climate of Japan, we have been striving to grow good grapes and make good wines since our establishment for more than 50 years, optimizing the unique characteristics of each variety of grape. Even in times of rapid change, our knowledge, skills and passion will stay unaffected and will always be passed down.

Bansui-en (at Komoro Winery), a Japanese-style garden boasting an area of nearly ten thousand square meters,
which represents the terrain of Shinshu (Nagano).

Brief history of Manns Wines


Katsunuma Yoshu Company Limited, the predecessor company of Manns Wines, was established.


The company changed its name to Manns Wines Co., Ltd.


Completion of Katsunuma Winery


Completion of Komoro Winery


Espalier cultivation of European grapes started on a substantial scale.


SOLARIS Series, a range of premium "Japan Wine" was launched.


Koshu kobo no awa (yeast bubbles of Koshu), an authentic sparkling wine made of the Koshu grape was launched.


Winemaking facility at Katsunuma Winery was renovated and equipped with the latest technology.


Three items with the GI Yamanashi certification were launched.


Katsunuma Winery Shop renewal open

The production regions and major grape varieties of Manns Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon
A red wine grape variety enjoying worldwide popularity. While it is not widely cultivated in Japan as it thrives better in a warmer and drier climate, the vine of this variety grown by Manns Wines in the Higashiyama district of Shioda-daira, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture has been increasing its potential over time.

Originated in the Burgundy region of France, it is a leading grape variety used in the production of dry white wine. On the premises of the Manns Wines Komoro Winery, there is a vineyard growing Chardonnay planted in 1981.

The most widely cultivated grape variety in the Bordeaux region of France. Being highly adaptable, it is widely planted nationwide, centering on Nagano Prefecture, and is a representative variety of the Chikuma River Wine Valley.

Shinano Riesling
One of the crossing grape varieties developed independently by Manns Wines. Created by crossing Chardonnay and Riesling, the variety was officially registered in 1991. Characterized by its sumptuous and fruity flavor, it is no exaggeration to say that the lifeblood of this grape is its aroma. Its uniqueness works wonderfully well in both sweet and dry wines.

This grape has been grown in Japan since long ago. Registered with the OIV in 2010, Koshu has now gained international recognition. Since its establishment, Manns Wines has put all kinds of effort into the cultivation and vinification of this grape and has successfully produced high-quality "Japan Wine" using it.

Muscat Bailey A
A variety created by crossing the American grape Bailey and European Muscat Hamburg grape. Registered with the OIV in 2013, it is a typical grape variety used for Japanese red wines. It features a sumptuous berry note and smooth tannin. Manns Wines makes a wide range of "Japan Wine" using this variety.


Winemakers of Japan with world-class knowledge on vinification

At Manns Wines, we have been researching the techniques for viticulture and vinification around the world to establish a method of winemaking that suits the hot and humid climate of Japan. We have sent personnel with inquisitive minds and passion to France and Germany, as well as USA and Australia to learn about winemaking in the New World countries. As well as the grapes and wines, we also put emphasis on cultivating people who make them. The experiences they obtained from around the world is continuing to thrive in the winemaking at Manns Wines in Yamanashi and Nagano today.

Dai Shimazaki

President and Chief Operating Officer of Manns Wines Co., Ltd.
Oenologist (French national qualification)
Diploma of aptitude for wine degustation(Diplome Universiaire d'Aptitude à la
Dégustation des vins) at the University of Bordeaux

Mr. Shimazaki joined Manns Wines Co., Ltd. in 1983. He studied at the Faculty of Oenology in the University of Bordeaux from 1987 to 1990 and was awarded two qualifications; the Diploma of Aptitude for Wine Degustation and the French national qualification as an oenologist. After holding positions such as director and department manager for quality control, department manager for the research and development, and head of the vinification of SOLARIS, he took up his present post in 2017.

Teppei Nishihata

Oenologist (French national qualification)
Viticulturist (French national qualification)
Studied at CFPPA (a school of vinification in Beaune, Burgundy, France)
and the University of Bordeaux as a student on an overseas training program (2013 - 2016)

Nobuhiko Matsumoto

Oenologist (French national qualification)
Diploma of Aptitude for Wine Degustation
(Diplome Universiaire d'Aptitude à la Dégustation des vins) at the University of Bordeaux
Studied at the University of Bordeaux as a student on an overseas training program (1976 - 1978)

Komei Nagao

Studied at the University of California, Davis,
as a student on an overseas training program (1981 - 1982)

Kiyoshi Takeuchi

Studied at the Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute
as a student on an overseas training program (1977 - 1979)

Takashi Usami

Studied at the University of Adelaide, Australia,
as a student on an overseas training program (2009 - 2011)

Wine Lineup

From the standard to the premium of "Japan Wine"

Here we introduce SOLARIS Series, our range of premium "Japan Wine", which has won a number of awards at international wine competitions and has been selected for receptions hosting VIP guests from abroad. The name “Solaris” reflects our principle of giving first priority to quality; at Manns Wines, only selected grapes grown in plenty of sunshine are used. We are also introducing Kobo no awa (yeast bubbles), a sparkling wine made of Koshu, the indigenous Japanese grape, taking full advantage of its potential.

Tasting comments and report by Ms. Sarah Abbott, Master of Wine

Ms. Sarah Abbott, a wine consultant and a juror at the International Wine & Spirits Competition, visited Manns Wines Komoro Winery in October 2018. The tasting comments for the following items are made by Ms. Abbott. Click here for Ms. Abbott’s report on her impressions of Manns Wines.


Katsunuma Winery


The largest winery in Yamanashi Prefecture

Boasting the longest history and a proud heritage of winemaking in Japan, Yamanashi Prefecture also comes out top in the nation when it comes to the quantity of grapes vinified and the number of wineries. Established in 1962, Manns Wines Katsunuma Winery currently has the largest production volume in the prefecture, and the majority of Manns Wines products are made here. While it is fully equipped with the latest technology and facilities, the winery also offers an opportunity to learn about the history of winemaking in Japan.

Trellis-trained vineyard

High-quality grapes centering on Koshu and Muscat Bailey A are grown with a focus on achieving higher quality.

400 Yama, Katsunuma-cho, Koshu City, Yamanashi 409-1306
Closed on Wednesdays.
Open on Public Holidays.
Opening times: 9:30 -16:30

Admission to the winery is free.
No reservation required for individual visitors.

*No alcohol will be served to visitors who visit the winery by car or bicycle.
*No pets allowed. Assistance dogs are welcome.

Komoro Winery


The pioneer of the Chikuma River Wine Valley

Because of its climate and environment, the Chikuma River Wine Valley has been attracting increasing attention as a vineland recently. As one of the first companies to start viticulture in this region, Manns Wines established the Komoro Winery in 1973. The production here centers on SOLARIS Series, a premium range of "Japan Wine" developed by the comprehensive skills of Manns Wines. Why not combine your visit to the winery with nature trailing at Mount Asama and the Chikuma River or sightseeing in the nearby areas, including Karuizawa.

Espalier-trained vineyard using
Manns Rain Cut cultivation method

Manns Rain Cut, an original viticultural method developed by Manns Wines has been introduced for harvesting high-quality grapes in Japan’s rainy climate.

Basement wine cellar

Hidden underneath Bansui-en, a Japanese-style garden that measures nearly ten thousand square meters representing the terrain of Shinshu, there stretches a grand wine cellar. The cellar opens its usually closed door to the public for special occasions such as harvest festivals, where fee-based tasting events are held featuring SOLARIS Series.

375 Moro, Komoro City, Nagano 384-0043
Closed on Wednesdays.
Open on Public Holidays.
Opening times: 9:30 -16:30

Admission to the winery is free.
No reservation required for individual visitors.

*No alcohol will be served to visitors who visit the winery by car or bicycle.
*No pets allowed. Assistance dogs are welcome.